Ice machine not making ice?

Hearing a funny noise that you have never heard before?

Ice machine turning off and on apparently at random?

All of these are common signs that you need commercial ice machine repair — and we can help.

At Arctic Mechanical, our certified and specialized technicians have the knowledge and training to handle ice machine repair in Denver for a variety of brands and systems.

From Hoshizaki to Kolpak, Ice-O-Matic to Manitowoc, the authorized service reps at Arctic Mechanical are sure to get the job done right the first time — every time.

But how can you be sure that you’re in need of our Denver ice machine repair services? There are quite a few tell-tale warning signs that indicate your machine is on the fritz and in need of some specialized care.

Keep reading to learn a few of these common warning signs and remember: don’t delay. Schedule your Denver ice machine repair as soon as possible to keep your business operations from melting.

Little/No Ice

If your commercial ice machine is not making ice, well this is an obvious sign that something has gone awry. Whether there is no ice whatsoever or the output is just curiously low, a lack of ice production — the one job we expect out of a commercial ice maker — could indicate a number of problems.

Among the issues which could be causing this issue include a problem with the incoming water temperature, improper water flow, or a plugged/damage line.

Clunking, Grinding, Squealing Sounds

Just about the only noise you should hear (and enjoy hearing) is the sound of a fresh batch of ice dropping into the collection bin to meet all of its frozen companions.

If your commercial ice machine is making a host of other strangely loud, intense noises — such as a clunking, squealing, grinding, or something else entirely — it could indicate that something is seriously wrong.

Like any ice machine repair, these noises should not be ignored. Doing so will only cause further problems (and more expensive repairs). Contact our Denver ice machine repair experts straight away if you are hearing any foul noises within your machine.

Puddles and Leaks

All of the water necessary for the production of ice cubes should be contained within the ice machine itself. If you notice that there are large puddles or leaks accumulating on the outside of the ice machine, this could signal major troubles.

Another indication of a possible leak in the ice machine is if you are seeing ice cubes that are misshapen or joined together. Ice machines are designed to produce uniform cubes, so funky or oversized shapes could indicate that water is falling into the collection bin where it doesn’t belong.

Since an ice machine is composed of a variety of cooling systems and lines, it can be hard for you to pinpoint exactly from whence the leak came. That’s why you need a trustworthy ice machine repair specialist to take a look to not only stop, but fix, the source of the leak.

Bad Taste

Ice should not taste bad. In fact, ice should not have a taste. Or a smell.

If your ice machine is producing ice that tastes and/or smells foul, that could be a certain warning sign that something is not right.

Whether it’s overdue for maintenance, cleaning, or a new filter, having bad-tasting ice can be disastrous and costly. If it happens to make its way to even one customer, that could create a ripple effect and a bad reputation.

Don’t let this happen to your business. Contact Arctic Mechanical for ice machine repair in Denver that you can count on.

Preventing Repairs

We understand that ice machine repairs can be a costly (but necessary) part of running a business. However, you can greatly reduce the amount of money your business spends on these types of repairs if you take the time to properly maintain all of your commercial refrigeration equipment.

Visit the Arctic Mechanical commercial refrigeration maintenance hub to get a quick maintenance estimate or to download an ice machine maintenance checklist.

Whether you need our Denver ice machine repair services, routine commercial refrigeration maintenance services, or you have a warranty issue, we can help! Contact Arctic Mechanical today to get started.