A breakdown in any commercial refrigeration system can have potentially catastrophic implications.

Every day your business goes without its proper equipment — from coolers to freezers to ice machines — equals a loss in customers. A loss in customers means a loss in reputation. A loss in reputation equals a loss in revenue. And the cycle continues on and on.

But there is good news. With proper maintenance and a little bit of tender, loving care, you can avoid these catastrophic breakdowns all together and keep your commercial refrigeration equipment up and running the way it should be.

At Arctic Mechanical, we provide a variety of commercial refrigeration services in Denver — from ice machine repair, to warranty replacements, to installations, and of course maintenance packages.

In order to avoid dishing out huge chunks of money on commercial refrigeration repairs (and replacements), our experts have also put together a handy guide to help you handle your ice machine maintenance on your own.

Keep reading to check out some ice machine maintenance tips and contact Arctic Mechanical today for top-notch Denver commercial refrigeration services.

Ice Machine Maintenance Checklist

A working commercial ice machine is perhaps one of the single most important pieces of equipment for a number of businesses.

The importance of clean, working ice simply can’t be overstated — no matter if it’s in the heat of summer or the frigid winter.

At Arctic Mechanical, the goal of our business is to help your business stay up and running at optimum capacity at all times. We provide commercial refrigeration services that you can count on, all at an affordable price and with unparalleled customer service.

But when you want to try and handle some simple maintenance things on your own, that’s no problem either. Here is an ice machine maintenance checklist that can help walk you through the process.

Exterior Inspection

  • Check water fittings and water supply lines/drains for leaks on a semi-annual basis.
  • Ensure that the refrigeration tubing is not rubbing/vibrating against other tubing or panels on a semi-annual basis.
  • Check refrigeration tubing insulation and replace (as necessary) on a semi-annual basis.
  • Clear away anything that is stacked on or around the ice machine which could impede the proper airflow through and around the machine.
  • Check and/or replace water filters annually.

Interior Mechanical Maintenance

  • Inspect the condenser to make sure that airflow and discharge circulation is adequate. Check for dirt/contaminants.
  • Before checking the outside of the condenser and its fins for dirt or other pollutants, be sure to unplug the ice machine from the power outlet.
  • Check the fins for any bends and straighten with a fin comb as necessary on a semi-annual basis.
  • Check the water reservoirs for solids or other build-up (semi-annual).
  • Inspect the pump motor for any broken parts, speed issues, leaking, etc.
  • Clean and/or replace the air filter, condenser fan blades, and coils. Remove dust, grease, and grime as necessary.
  • Check condenser surfaces for damage and evidence of leaks.

Interior Water Maintenance

  • Inspect the water-cooled condenser, water regulating valve, water distribution system, and float switch for scale. Clean as necessary (semi-annually).
  • Check the water flow through the external water filter. Replace the filter as necessary.
  • Make sure drainage is working properly through the bin.
  • Check for biological growth (and clean) around the drain pan, drain line, coil, and interior panels.

Other Maintenance Tips

  • Inspect the collection bins for contaminants and clean/sanitize as necessary on a semi-annual basis.
  • Check the manual for the estimated ice production per 24 hours and compare that to your machine’s actual production. If it’s low, perform a system check or request maintenance.
  • Check the bin sensor for proper operation/location.

Ice Machine Maintenance Is Our Specialty

These basic ice machine maintenance tips should help you get the most out of your commercial ice machine. However, when you need professional commercial refrigeration services, you need to reach out to the experts.

At Arctic Mechanical, we are happy to serve the Front Range and Denver with the best commercial refrigeration services around.

With affordable, all-encompassing maintenance packages, specialized repair capabilities, and more, our team has the ability to get the job done right the first time — every time.

Learn more about our Denver commercial refrigeration services and contact us today to schedule a service call.